The Imposter

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Everyday you go to work there is somebody that you answer to who assigns you your tasks for the day. When assigned duties, those tasks you are given a time or window of time of when they should be done. When that task does not get completed on time it looks bad on you and it could slow up or mess up the progress made by the rest of your unit cause every job is vital in the success of your unit. For example if I am told to do a complete PMCS on our truck by the book and repair it by the end of the week in order for it to go on a mission and I just decide to take my time and not get it done then we are down one truck that could have been carrying troops and supplies now there is a good chance the mission will not be accomplished because of laziness. Even though you may not understand why you are given a certain deadline you need to Having things done in a timely manner is essential to unit readiness. For example, preparing for deployments. Before any unit can deploy, they need to be ready to deploy. Having the tasks done in a timely manner (ie doing preventative maintenance on trucks and generators and air-conditioning units) need to be done pre-deployment. Any kind of gear, whether motors or utilities in our motor pool need to be fixed in maintained so that our unit readiness can be maintained. Even though you may not understand why you are given a timeline it is important to do what you are told in the time given because you know that there is a reason behind it. Throughout your career in the Army you are going to be given orders and tasks and even if they may seem pointless or they do not make sense you need to look at the big picture and weigh what are the consequences or who does this effect by not doing what you are told in the time given. Doing things in a timely manner is important because it shows you know your job and shows your ability to perform your job or any task at hand. It improves confidence and shows the others in charge of you that you...
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