The Importance of Detail in a Sound of Thunder: a Society Gone Corrupt

Topics: Future, Time, Science fiction Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: February 15, 2010
The Importance of Detail in A Sound of Thunder: A Society Gone Corrupt In the short story, “A Sound of Thunder”, Ray Bradbury employs detail of the consequences of killing one mouse to show how society has developed into one that has lost emotions and the true meaning of a life. This reoccurring idea of a chain reaction drives the story and eventually causes the death of the protagonist. From the beginning of the novel through the Time Safari guide, Bradbury places high emphasis on the one mouse and the after-lying effects of killing. Bradbury explicitly, yet indirectly, parallels the story of the mouse to society and humanity. Only through the explanation and story of the mouse, could Bradbury further the story and foreshadow the conflict that was to come. Bradbury shows through his repetition, the lack of sentiments have overcome the developed society. Bradbury reveals his opinion through the repetition because of the emphasis put on the story of the mouse and the byproducts of killing it. The reader hypothetically sees, through the pictures painted by the travel guide Travis, that one trivial matter and one wrong move could destroy an “entire history of life” (Bradbury 4). The problem with humanity today is, according to Bradbury, that humankind does not have the time to stop and value the cost of a life. This meaningful life has the ability to alter the state of millions and millions of lives. Through Travis the Time Safari tour guide, Bradbury shows the reader that stepping on a mouse is like “crush[ing] the Pyramids and “leaving your print” like the Grand Canyon over Eternity (Bradbury 4). Humanity goes far enough to forget about the present and not only about the future. Relationships and the bond that was once present between the people of a society have diminished so much that man is engulfed in what will happen in the next four months or year rather than the problems at present, though they are “not even born” or thought of yet (Bradbury 5).


Cited: Bradbury, Ray. “A Sound of Thunder.” R is for Rocket. 22 Oct. 2009.
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