The Impact of Technology

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The society we live in is completely integrated with technology, we are surrounded by and we live on technology. One of the definitions of “technology” given by Webster’s Third New International Dictionary is “the totality of the means employed by a people to provide itself with the objects of material culture”, and as a matter of fact, almost every little work we do can be considered technology dependent. Today we are all identified with the technological device we are carrying, which must be up to date. For many of us, living without technology I like living without air”. Many people don’t realize how much they are engaged to their gadgets and how much they affect our lives; I think that most of us would struggle to live without these little comforts while some researchers of the University “La Sapienza Di Roma” concluded that most of the people, especially from 16 to 25 years old, feel lost when they don’t have their mobile phones with them. An excerpt from the telegraph confirms us what we previously affirmed: “In an international study called Unplugged, volunteers at 12 universities around the world were asked to keep detailed diaries while spending 24 hours in a tech and information blackout. They found out that youngsters reported sickness and fidgety, they felt really uncomfortable and like if they had nothing to do. “They kept looking for the phones, even though they weren't carrying them.” Technology has clearly become a huge influence on our lives, but how did we reach this point?

Our addiction to technology probably started with computers taking over our society as we used to know it. Nowadays, everywhere you look, computers are making our life more comfortable since they are commonly used items in many areas. A PC is essential to people who run organizations or industries, but also the housewife who doesn’t know how to use a Personal Computer has to deal with one, since almost anything we know is run or made by a computers, most medical equipment use computers and also the most simple household appliance has a computer inside. Most of the professions today involve the use of PCs since also in a pharmacy you would have a hard time keeping track with what medication to give to a patient without that “mechanical brain” that would be hard to live without. Its only when something goes wrong that we realize how necessaries they are, if we think about the world without computers we would realize that we haven’t done much more than using them in the past few years; researchers in the medical field wouldn’t have found a lot of cures to diseases since most of them were found with the help of processors. Movies like, Pixar’s Toy story, Avatar or 2012 would never have been made since they are based on computer graphics that cannot be emulated analogically. Counting votes would be much slower and space exploration wouldn’t be possible without the help of computers. That’s why, since most of our progresses in the recent past are a consequence of our use of computers, we call the recent past as computer revolution or digital revolution. The definition of revolution is based on the idea of something that rapidly changed and improved. This led to individuals that can transfer information freely and access to information is so easy compared to in the past.

Recently, some social analysts defined our times as the “information age”. This condition of being always capable to get information started when computer microminiaturization started, because the fast evolution of technology in daily life permitted rapid global communications and networking to shape modern society. It can be said that this revolution started with the diffusion of the smartphones, which started many years ago but had a massive boost with the launch of the iPhone, an hybrid between a phone and a computer, something always connected to the world. This idea changed the technological market with many companies trying to follow Apple...
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