The Impact of Stax Records on Music History

Topics: Stax Records, Soul music, Steve Cropper Pages: 4 (1273 words) Published: August 31, 2011
The Impact of Stax Records on Music History
John W McDonald
April 20, 20011
Ms. Keller

The Impact of Stax Records on Music History
In 1958, a brother and sister started a small record label called "Satellite " in Brunswick, Tn. Jim Stewart and Estelle Axton had a dream of putting out records and recording artists of all types. They both took out loans and mortgage, and quit their jobs, too make this dream come true. During the spring months of 1959, Stewart recorded and produced his first black group, the Veltones (Stax Records, 2011). In 1960, they moved the label back to Memphis, to rent the old Capitol Theater located at College and Mclemore. There they converted the candy shop that located next door to the theatre into a small record shop to make extra income for the recording studio. They named the record store "Satellite Records." In 1960, Stewart recorded a group called the Mar-Keys. The Mar-Keys recorded an instrumental named "Last Night" that became a big hit for Estelle and Jim. When this song started up the charts, Jim Stewart became aware of another record company in California called "Satellite" so rather than risking litigation, the name of the company was changed to "Stax," the ST from Stewart and the AX from Axton (Stax Records, 2011). Stax Records brought together many soul artists to their label. Musicians from all different races were coming together and playing and recording their passions through music. Even though prejudice was running through Americas veins at that time, Stax Records was able to bring both white and black musicians together. Stax Records made a major impact on music history, by breaking the race barriers, and brought yesterdays and today's society together through their love of music. As the early 1960s were coming alive, Memphis was thriving with all types of music. Music was everywhere in Memphis, from North Memphis, South Memphis, and all the way downtown by the river. Many people were putting...
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