The Impact of Games

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Jullia Nguyen
Professor Gurfield
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7 May 2013
The Impact of Violent Video Games
Video Games have big impact on youth by forcing their mind into aggressive behavior. Children and adolescents tend to act aggressive from obsessively playing video games. Violent video games lead youth to engage in a real-world violence that changes their lifestyle, because children tend to learn from what is on screen, like TV or most commonly, video games. Video games are indeed affecting children to be more violence by playing inappropriate games that have shooting which they can be able to shoot others, because video games are like training to shoot/kill every living person in front of them. Violent video games can cause youth violence, especially school violence. School violence causes shooters, who have fascination with violent video games, to shoot innocent people because they influence from what they saw from the game that have inappropriate and gruesome scene that are not appropriate for under-age teenagers, especially younger children. While violent video games can be very entertaining and enjoyable, they have great impact on youth that influence them to be more aggressive and antisocial behavior that change their perspective as youth because by the amount of younger people that have played from inappropriate gaming.

Violent video games can create youth violence which it usually happens to minors all over the world because of what they influence from violating others by playing video games. Tragic happens when people start to cause violation by shooting tremendous of people, especially in school violence. In 1999, there is a school shooting massacre that occurs in Columbine High School, two suspects, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, have shoot various of students, including the teachers. The incident have something to do with a first-person shooting game Doom because the suspects are happen to be influence from the game and everything revolves around them are based on the game. These two shooters have caused violating the school campus that there is an article that states, "As authorities examine Eric Harris customized versions of a violent video games, those who played Doom over the Internet with Harris say he created a game level" (Simpson and Blevins). The suspect, Harris, creates his own little world that revolves shooting is like the Doom video game because since he has shot many people in school, he thinks he is in the game, massacring the campus. Every time he shoots someone, it is like he is going to the next level in gaming. The Doom video game is the cause of the youth violation that is making these suspects brutal killers. There is another incident happened which is in 2004, it is about a suspect, Warren Leblanc, who has killed his 14-year-old friend, Stefan Parkeerah with a claw hammer and stabbing him to death. The reason of this incident, is the suspect's obsession of his violent slaughter-action game Manhunt in which the article states, "Horror images on computer drove teenager to kill his friend aged 14" (CNN). The Manhunt game is indeed violent that drives younger people to be overly insane because this game can cause any younger viewers to kill anyone upon what they saw in the game, such as butchering and stabbing for extra points. The game has inappropriate scenes that are not suitable for minors to see because the images has many gruesome scenes which leaves the players to be more involved in real-life from the game itself.

Due to the children's aggressiveness, there are two studies from youth exposure that explain how children become tested from violent video games. The first study is Experimental Studies, which are about researchers test the measurement on how much participants are assigned due its aggressiveness and control in gaming. It explains the difference on participants would react in nonviolent and violent video games as the Experimental Studies state, "If the treatment...

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