Video Games and Kids

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Video Games Effect On Kids
Video games have a positive and negative effect on kids. Video games affect the kids health, for example lead to cardiovascular implication. Also affect their education when affecting their cognition. Others video games effects on kids are when affecting their social and behaviors. Parents need to involve and regulate their children‘s gaming habit. Video games attribute in big portion in kids behavior. Video game affect kids negatively could be a good reason to make a kid violent and make him a killer. According to Anderson, Craig A at “Violent Video Games and Other Media Violence” he said that video game. Video games affect kids and make theme violent. When the kids consume a lot of violent materiel, he gets confuse between the reality and the fantasy. The kids think that hitting, kicking are allowed in real life. According to Anderson, Craig A, he sees in his essay “Violent Video Games and Other Media Violence (Part 1)” that the player needs to distinguish between fantasy and real violence. AS result, the player exposes his violence toward his surrounding and become violent. Anderson suggest at the same essay that video games are not only the cause for violence, but others effect as biological, neighborhood and family could attribute in this violence. Video games affect kids’ education and learning. Kids spend more time in playing rather than finishing their school tasks. As consequence, they have a poor grade and low knowledge. According to KIRA BAILEY in his study “A negative association between video game experience and proactive cognitive control” he said that after the three studies indicate that high levels of video consumption may be associated with a reduction in the efficiency of those processes supporting cognitive control that arise from interactions between anterior cingulated and lateral frontal cortex. Video games affect kids ‘health in too many ways. According to Dorman, Steve M. in his study “Video and computer...
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