The Immigrant

Topics: Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Film Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: September 28, 2005
Movie Review Assignment
The Immigrant

The Immigrant, starring (Charlie Chaplin) is a slapstick comedic tale of the voyage to America. The movie makes light of the deplorable conditions that they faced during their trek across the Atlantic and the hardships they faced upon arrival.

In the first appearance of Chaplin in the film, he is bent over the side of the ship. I like most everyone else thought he was sick, but lifts up to reveal that he caught a fish. There are several comical moments involving the exaggerated rocking motion of the ship. One such instance, Chaplin shares a bowl of soup with another passenger a spoonful at a time as it slides back and forth between them. A game of craps takes place were Chaplin imitates the windup of a baseball pitcher when he throws the die, which was quite amusing.

Once ashore, Chaplin unsuccessfully tries to attain a job. In the restaurant scene, the story shifts to one of love when Chaplin happens upon a woman that he met on the ship played by (Edna Purrance). However the restaurant scene's best moment was Chaplin's Humorous attempt to avoid paying the bully waiter (Eric Cambell), due to the fact he lost his money. This makes for the funniest instance in the film in my opinion.

I was entertained by the great comedic genius of Charlie Chaplin. He truly paved the way for the comedy that we still enjoy to this day. It's amazing to me, how something filmed almost 100 years ago can still be so very enjoyable today.
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