The Illuminati

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The Illuminati
Most of you probably remember Lady Gaga’s interesting choice of wardrobe at the 2011 VMA’s, or maybe Nicki Minaj’s ridiculously colorful outfit. Every performance or outfit at the 2011 VMA’S by various artists such as lady gaga, Nicki minaj, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, jay-z and kanye west seemed a little strange, surprising, and uncalled for.

The illuminati or the “enlightened ones” is a secret organization that was founded in the 18th century by radical thinkers in Bavaria. They are believed to being the trigger to the French and American Revolution, being the brains of communism, controlling the money in the world, And plotting to take over the world at any moment. So wheat really is the illuminati? It’s hard to be sure. The thing about conspiracy theories is that they are theories; there are a ton of versions that no one can be sure of what is right.

Let’s go back to when it all started. In 1782 there was a meeting among members of this secret organization at which the leaders enlisted German royalty and French masons who later cultivated the French revolution In 1789. Similar to the revolutionists in France, the illuminati despised Christianity and didn’t approve of marriage and Christian morals, but did approve of vampirism and cannibalism. According to’s 50 awful things about the illuminati, the members of the organization wanted to destroy any current morality so they could carry on the reconstruction of society. After the revolution, the illuminati did not disappear, but went underground, assuming different names, and preparing for the new world order. The order will consist of one world government, led by the leading men of the illuminati. The order will also consist of single world currency, centralize control of media in schools, and eventually abolish religion and morality.

There are many celebrities that some people believe to be a part of the illuminati. Admins’ article “most famous illuminists” says the most famous...
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