The Feds

Topics: United States Constitution, Federalism, Federalist Papers Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: October 26, 2013
Maggie Denning

People who supported the Constitution without change and wanted immediate ratification were known as Federalists like James Madison. Anti-Federalists were against a strong central government. They wanted a system where the states were supreme. Anti-federalists also agreed with the New Jersey plan. Anti-federalists are wrong. They basically believe in a monarchy where citizens have no say in the government.

Federalists favored the ratification of the constitution. They also favored a powerful federal government. “Federal men” argued that a Bill of Rights wasn’t needed as federal power was limited. James Madison and Alexander Hamilton also wrote The Federalist Papers. Issues like how they thought the Constitution would affect the people of the nation were discussed in the essays. “All men of sense will agree in the necessity of an energetic executive … The ingredients which constitute energy in the executive are unity; duration; an adequate provision for its support; and competent powers.” Alexander Hamilton explains that a strong executive power is needed in order to protect the nation from foreign attack. “It is evident, therefore, that according to their primitive signification, they have no application to constitutions professedly founded upon the power of the people, and executed by their immediate representatives and servants. Here, in strictness, the people surrender nothing, and as they retain everything, they have no need of particular reservations.” Alexander Hamilton presented the reasons why he thought a bill of rights wasn’t necessary and instead could cause serious problems.

Anti-federalists opposed ratification of the constitution. They wanted a weak federal government that wouldn’t threaten states’ rights. Anti-feds also wanted a Bill of Rights to declare and protect the rights of people. “As long as we can preserve our unalienable rights, we are in safety.” They didn’t want any of their natural rights to be taken away....
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