The Human and Technology Addiction

Topics: Technology, Love, Science Pages: 14 (4550 words) Published: April 4, 2013
With the rapid growth of technology, there has been a debate on how we are using technology in our life. Many people think that we are now abusing modern devices to support for our own life; while others reckon that using technology brings us just good things and make our life easier. According to what I have observed and experienced, I believe that people, nowadays, have been overly dependent on technology. To begin with, it is not hard to recognize the intergral role of technology in houses. Housewives, nowadays, are no longer “housewives” as itself used to mean. They do almost every task with the assistance of modern machines. They have clothes washed by washing machine instead of doing that by hand as before or they clean dishes just by putting them into a dishwasher. In the past, televisions seemed like the luxurious thing but each family now has at least one or even more than two TV sets in their house. It is now common to catch the image of many children or some adults spending most of their time in front of the screens containing various attractive things. What is more, workplaces are becoming more and more dependent upon technology. In almost every company, there is an advancedly computerized system which makes tasks much easier and quicker. Most of employees have their own mobile phone or computer so that they could exchange information or documents as soon as they want without leaving their desks. Besides, there are many kinds of machine such as printers, photocopiers .etc that make working as easy as walking. In addition, in term of education, students are now also using too much modern devices for their studying. They do calculations even the most simple using portable calculators. They also take advantage of the Internet to do assignments without many efforts. On the other hand, many people think that people’ abuse of technology just brings good points. It makes our world easier to live as it helps people do all tasks effectively. However, that is not always true. Despite a wide range of benefits from modern technology, we can not inogre bad points it brings. Using modern devices for everything makes people lazier and more passive in life. It causes the creativity of human beings to decrease which is very dangerous for mankind’s future. In conclusion, it is clear that we depend on modern technology too much today. People should carefully rethink about how they should use modern machines for tasks; otherwises, one day, machines would replace the position of human beings to control the world.

Are People Overly Dependent on Technology?

You know you’ve got too much technology in your life when you and your significant other are sitting together on the couch, having a text-message conversation with each other. Who ever imagined that “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” could actually refer to our vocal cords?

Admittedly, it’s a very convenient form of communication and entirely appropriate at times, like during weddings, funerals, and tests. But it’s not just text messaging, it’s the entire technology spectrum that has zombified us, and it only seems to be getting worse.

I know a handful of people who can’t get into their cars and onto the road until they’ve synced all their Bluetooth devices with their car’s Bluetooth system, have texted several people to let them know they’ve just left, will be rolling shortly, and will text them when they get there, and checked their multiple email accounts once last time. And by one last time I mean before they get to the next stop light where they’ll check it again, just in case something important from a rich, retired army general with banking connections in Zimbabwe has shown up.

Do any of us really wonder why our auto insurance rates are through the roof, and portable technology can be cited as a prime factor in accident after accident on our highways and byways? Bet you didn’t know that many motorcycle helmets are now equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, for...
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