The Heart of a Champion

Topics: Cheerleading, English-language films, Motivation Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Crosby 1
Britney Crosby
Dr. Delaney
English 1101
3 September 2014
The One with a Heart of a Champion

There is one person in particular who has overcome many difficulties in his life. I shared one of those difficulties with him. He helped motivate me, strengthen me, and celebrate an accomplishment. He has taught me the importance of never giving up on yourself. Aaron has made an impact on my life that I will forever cherish. I met Aaron through my high school cheerleading team. I had the opportunity to be his flyer for two years in a row. My senior year was the most memorable season. There were still many downfalls that came along with cheering. There was never a practice that I would not come home crying. The pressure, misery, and pain that we both went through only made him stronger. I never had the strength to be positive but he always knew how to use motivational words. These words were spoken to me throughout the season by Aaron. He knew that I wanted to win a state title just as bad as he did. Through that we grew closer to accomplish the same goal. When it came to cheerleading, you had to put 100 percent into everything you did. Even when you would give 100 percent effort, you were never promised 100 percent satisfaction. We worked hard at practices but ended up with second place at competitions. This tore the Crosby 2

team apart many times. We had to slowly pick up the slack and gain strength before going on the state floor. Aaron stepped up and controlled the situation. He made us realize we could still have a chance of winning. We just had to work together as a team and believe in ourselves for once. In the corner of the mat, I heard a voice in my ear telling me, “You can do this! Push through, set up, pull and spin! You got this!” At the beginning of my running tumbling, I heard Aaron’s voice in my ear. He had a way of making it seem like there was still hope if we kept pushing through. The...
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