The Health History of a Patient

Topics: Coronary artery disease, Atherosclerosis, Angina pectoris Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: September 21, 2010
The Complete Health History
Virginia G Parrott
Fort Hays State University

Health History
Health history assessment conducted on George on the fifteen of February 2010 at approximately one o’clock. George is a fifty-four year white male married with three adult children and two grand children. He has been working as a teacher for over twenty years a local middle school. This paper will highlight George’s health care issues and will identify five nursing diagnosis for him. Methods of Health History

Interview Methods
Informed consent obtained and applied the principled of privacy and confidentiality in the interview. Some communication skills used the interview such as touching, giving instruction, using a normal voice, leaning the body forward, introduction of self, paraphrasing, reflection and summarizing. Closed-ended questions like “ are you ready?’ or facilitation questions which allow George to further give details on how he was diagnose after his father became gravely ill, which allowed communication to remain therapeutic. Jarvis state that the nurse brings knowledge from the physical, biological and social sciences to the assessment. This knowledge enable the nurse to ask relevant questions and collect relevant physical assessment data related to the client’s expectation of care and underlying health care needs. Clarification questions are significant especially in George’s case where he admits to not being complaint in medication and lifestyle over the last five years. Silent would be appropriate at this time, allowing George to therapeutic communicated. Jarvis mention that respect for a person means treating patients as people with rights. It means respecting an individual‘s autonomy, protecting, and the ensuring duty of truthful. Open-ended question offers George the opportunity to express what was difficult about being complaint with his medications. Listening and being attentive to the personal information he was sharing during the...
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