the hall of fame in Bronx Community College

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The Hall of Fame of Great Americans is a museum located at Bronx Community College that focuses on Americans that made history, change American society and culture. Many students pass through this landmark without knowing the reason why is it there including me. I have always wondered why is it that this museum is located at this campus and not in another place where it could be noticeable like in the museum of Natural History, Grand Central, Central Park, or in the Metropolitan Museum or any other popular places in New York City. I analyzed a few thoughts which I would like to share; one more thing I would like to share is why I think they use the architect’s design that the hall of fame has.

I personally took a tour through the Hall of Fame to see what it consists of. I was amazed by the things I saw because they were historians that I have never heard of. I saw a collection of bronze faces of both genders, female and male. Under their bronze faces you will see their name follow the year they were born, the year they died and a quote. The quotes under their name represented statements they wrote as a message base on their belief. This place looks like a real museum a little different because is at open air. Usually museums are built to keep special work of arts, specimen of scientist or other objects of permanent value. In this case this museum shows over 98 great American sculptures for us to honor for the things they have done for us. This museum gave me an idea of how these Americans looked.

I think the structure of the building is ancient Greek architecture in roman times because these figures looked like the figures they had or still have in Rome. For Instance I thought the color Bronze was picked because of David Donatello sculpture and Bird girl by Sylvia Shaw which was a bronze colored. Their face impression they looked like stone they looked real. Also I saw that their hair was formed like Michelangelo famous masterpiece of renaissance...
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