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the great gatsby

By zaynia_gomez Dec 16, 2013 648 Words

Tom rarely sees her and is always wondering off into the city where he has his

apartment which he keeps for the affair he has with Myrtle Wilson. Tom

feels no guilt for cheating on Daisy with Myrtle he tries keeping them in

what he believes is there place. For example once at a party Myrtle was

speaking of Tom’s wife Daisy and he had told her to stop but she replied

“I’ll say her name whenever I want to Daisy! Dai- Then making a short deft

movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand (41).” This

shows how abusive and violent of a man he was. He was a bully that used

his social status and strength to control and boss people around him.

Jay Gatsby on the other hand was a caring business man

who had met Daisy in Louisville while he was in the war before she was

married. Daisy promised him she would wait for him but ended up marring

Tom Buchanan due to pressure from her family. Jay Gatsby always

hoped Daisy and he would be together again in the future. He tried making Guzman 2

contact with her and moved close to her home.” That is why he bought the

house he lived in so that Daisy would be just across the bay (83).” Gatsby

would throw large parties every Saturday night, hoping Daisy would show.

One night her cousin Nick who had came to visit happened to cross

Gatsby’s mansion party. The two recognized each other from the war

Gatsby told Nick about Daisy’s and his past and how he still loved her. He asked

that Nick would help him get her back by arranging a day where the two

would have tea and reunite. Gatsby wanted things to be exactly the same as

they were back in Louisville and wanted Daisy to leave Tom so that they

can finally be together again. When they met up for tea Jay Gatsby told Daisy that

he was a business man and that the way he had become wealthy by he owning a

chain of drug stores. Although this was a lie he told her that because he felt he

was not good enough for her. Gatsby truly cared about her and nothing more

mattered to him than to get her back, he was so distracted and in love with Daisy for

instance “he dismissed all the dances he had give with a snap of his finger old sport,

the dance is unimportant Gatsby said. He wanted nothing less of Daisy then that to

go to Tom and say I never loved you (73)”. Gatsby also was very protective of

Daisy. There was a car accident killing Tom’s mistress Myrtle and Daisy was the

one driving the car that hit her, yet Gatsby wanted to take the blame. He was then

worried that Tom would try hurt Daisy after the incident. So Jay Gatsby hid inside a

bush outside the Buchanan home. Nick saw

Gatsby and asked “How long are going to wait? Gatsby answered I don’t trust him Guzman 3

Old sport I’ll wait all night if necessary (98).”

Tom eventually found out about Gatsby and his wife and wanted to

know what went on, Gatsby explained ”I told you what’s been going on,

going on for five years and you didn’t know. Tom turned to Daisy sharply, you’ve

been seeing this fellow for five years? Not seeing said Gatsby, no we couldn’t meet

but both of us loved each other all that time (168 ).” This shows that there love was

still strong even after five years of not being able to see each other clearly they were

meant to be together therefore Daisy Buchanan should have left Tom Buchanan to

be with Jay Gatsby who would have taken great care of Daisy and her daughter.

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