The Great Gatsby

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Readers Response: The Great Gatsby



When first reading The Great Gatsby it is assumed that Daisy had no clue who Gatsby is. It can be believed she has no clue who Gatsby is when she says “What Gatsby?” As the truth of Gatsby unravels the readers find out through Nick and Jordan that Gatsby had once known Daisy. Furthermore, Daisy and Gatsby had once been in love. When he left her that’s when she married Tom. Then when Gatsby comes back he wants her back and she had to choose.


From the time Gatsby was a young boy he always tried to better himself. He felt since he came from a lower income family that he had to make a name for himself in society. He never felt like he was suitable for society, but mainly Daisy. That’s why he worked hard to climb up the social ladder and let an abundance of people come into his house. The majority of the people didn’t even know who Gatsby was and the main reason he continued to have his parties was in hopes Daisy would make an appearance. That is why this is not only a case of man versus society, but man versus himself.

In this man versus himself situation Daisy has to choose between Gatsby and Tom. Though Daisy was the only one who loved Gatsby before the money, when he left her behind he realized soon after he still wanted and needed her. To the readers Tom seems like an abusive character that neglects his wife and cheats on her. That’s why when Gatsby comes back and confesses that he still loves her, the readers would be more than delighted if Daisy left her husband for an all-around better man. Who are they kidding though? It’s a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and no love story ends the way the reader wants it to. They either go their separate ways, but in this case ends with Daisy packing her bags, with Tom by her side, and Gatsby being murder by a man he’s never met before.


It could be believed that the hit and run accident was the climax, but a person would be mistaken. The peak of the story is actually Gatsby’s murder. The rising action would be the affairs and the hit and run accident. It all builds up to the surprise shooting of Gatsby. This is followed by the funeral and Daisy leaving Long Island with Tom.


Readers want to be satisfied with the end of a book. No reader wants to be left hanging and unsatisfied. The whole book is amazing and then the ending Fitzgerald has to leave it depressing. Not every story is left with a fairy tale ending, but couldn’t Fitzgerald have killed off Tom instead of Gatsby? Gatsby seemed like such a great guy and almost no one made an effort to even make an appearance at the man’s funeral. Not even after all that he did for many people and all of the extravagant part he threw. Daisy couldn’t even show up and she stayed with that jerk of a husband.


Daisy seems like a very melancholy person. She has her own family and she was born into money. A person like that should be more than happy, but she’s not. Her husband’s a jerk, her child is almost entirely taken care of by another, and money can never end in happiness. Then when a previous love interest comes back in her life she takes advantage of it and then leaves. Maybe she left though because she cared too much what others thought over what she needed. Honestly I think she’s a coward for leaving with Tom and I don’t very much care for her, but some people never change.

Tom and Mrs. Wilson are very much alike. They both don’t care who they have to throw under the bus to get where they want and that will never change. Their love for money and hurting the people that love them is probably what drew them together. Their affair is probably what depressed Daisy and made Mr. Wilson physically and mentally sick. To think about it, without the affair Gatsby would have probably lived. Mr. Wilson wouldn’t have gone to Tom to find out who owned the car and...
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