The Good Son

Topics: Sibling, KILL, Family Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Roben Bebawy
Movie Essay
Nov. 21, 2013

The Good Son

In Arizona, Mark Evans stayed side to side with his mother, Janice, who was dying from cancer. After Janice died, Mark has been grieving. His dad Jack was assigned for a business trip to Tokyo, Japan, Jack takes Mark to stay with his brother Wallace and sister-in-law Susan in Maine. Mark met his cousins Connie and Henry. Mark and Henry get along at first, and Henry seems to be nice and well-mannered. Henry expresses his interest in death to Mark making Mark agitated.

Henry continues to show bad behavior, which Mark wanted to tell Wallace and Susan but couldn't because of Henry's threats. Later, Henry mentioned he will try to kill his sister. So Mark spent the night in Connie's room just in case if something happened.

Next day, Henry took his sister ice skating and purposely throws her on thin ice and she fell, but she was saved before she could drown and was taken directly to the hospital. Susan then spent the night with Connie to make sure she is alright and sees Henry walking into Connie's room to smother her but Susan interrupts him and she is now skeptical about Henry.

Susan found a rubber duck in Henry's shed which was with his younger brother, Richard. the day he drowned and it mysteriously disappeared. When she confronts Henry about the rubber duck he said it belonged to him when he was younger and he demanded it back, but Susan refused and then Henry took it out of her hand and ran out and threw the rubber duck into the well.

Henry told Mark that he would kill Susan rather than her and Mark have a relationship, and so Mark tries to stop him but it seemed like he was going to kill Henry then walked in Wallace who locked Mark in the den so he wouldn't hurt anyone else. Mark tries to escape and chase after Henry. Susan then firmly asks if Henry killed his brother. Henry indirectly implies he killed Richard by replying, "What if I did?"

Susan then said to Henry that he needs help...
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