The Gestational Diabetes Test

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This test is used to screen for Gestational Diabetes and is usually performed at about 26 -28 weeks * The test requires you to have a very sweet glucose drink and then return for a blood test exactly one hour later. * You are not required to fast but you can have a light breakfast or meal prior to the test. Do not over indulge in sweet foods and drinks prior to the test. * If you are having the test at Suite 6 go there on your way before your scheduled appointment time here. * Come to the rooms for your appointment then return to Suite 6 for your blood to be taken one hour after having your glucose drink.  At the same time you may have blood taken to check for anaemia or blood group antibodies. * If you haven’t seen your doctor before having your blood taken please let our reception staff know prior to going back to Suite 6. * There is no need to ring for the results as we will contact you if they are abnormal. If you GCT is abnormal this means you need a definitive test ie; a Glucose Tolerance Test.  (Some women in the higher risk category may go directly to a GTT). Difference between GCT and GTT Test

A Glucose Challenge Test (GCT) is a non-fasting screening test which measures the level of blood sugar after the patient has had a drink which contains a specific amount of glucose.  An hour later a blood test is taken to check the blood sugar level.  (The idea of this is to see how efficiently your body processes sugar).  If the level is too high, then you will be required to have a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). A high test result does not necessarily mean that you have Gestational Diabetes. A Glucose Tolerance Test is a more definitive examination.  This a fasting test performed over two hours (fasting means no food or drinks- apart from water- from 10pm the night before). When you attend for your pathology visit a fasting blood sample is taken. You will then be given a small bottle of gluscose drink. A second blood test will be collected 1...
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