The Geography of Egypt

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What is the relationship in the distribution of high order and low order stores in Road 9, an urban CBD district, in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt?

Table of Contents
Hypothesis| Page 2|
Background| Page 2|
Method of data collection| Page 3|
Data analysis and presentation| Page 4|
Results| Page 6|
Interpretation of results| Page 6|
Data misrepresentation| Page 6|
Conclusion| Page 7|
Evaluation| Page 8|

List of Illustrations
Figure 1: Location of Egypt| Page 2|
Figure 2: Map of Maadi| Page 2|
Figure 3: Trundle Wheel| Page 3|
Figure 4: Example of shop that’s not ground level| Page 3| Figure 5: Raw data collection and NNI calculation for cafes| Page 4| Figure 6: NNI Calculations for selected Low Order shops| Page 5| Figure 7: NNI Calculations for selected High Order shops| Page 5| Figure 8: Example of café| Page 7|

Figure 9: Example of clustering of kiosks| Page 7|

Hypothesis and Background
What is the relationship in the distribution of high order and low order stores in Road 9, an urban CBD district, in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt? Figure 1:
Location of Egypt
Figure 1:
Location of Egypt
Egypt is an African and Middle Eastern third world country with a population of almost 83 million. A central business district is the commercial heart of a city. For example, the central business district of Cairo would be downtown, but the central business district of Maadi would be Road 9. Road 9 could be considered the central business district (CBD) in Maadi since it is the center of everyday business. Maadi was originally a stop on the route between Cairo and Helwan until Alexander J. Adams, a retired Canadian officer, designed the expansion and successfully expanded Maadi. At first Maadi consisted of just Road 9 parallel to the railroad and Road 9 was the only street allowed to have stores, but now stores are dispersed around all of Maadi. However, Road 9 still retains its status as the central business district of Maadi. After confabulating among each other in class, considering Egypt’s unsecure state due to the revolution, my classmates and I decided to examine Road 9, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. Our aspiration was to answer the question “Does road 9 conform to Christaller’s Central Place Theory?” The Central Place Theory basically states that high order goods are more likely to cluster than low order goods. High order goods are classified as luxury items or items a person will not buy on a daily basis such as jewelry, cars, laptops, television sets, etc. Low order goods, however, are items that are bought every day and cost very little such as newspapers, groceries, etc. When a person is out to buy something, they are less likely to compare the cost between two newspaper stands, but they are more likely to compare the costs or the same laptop or phone in two different shops. I will substantiate this hypothesis by using Nearest Neighbor Index (NNI) values for various low order shops and high order shops in road 9, due to the fact that all shops are along one straight road. Figure 2:

Map of Maadi
Figure 2:
Map of Maadi

Method of Data Collection:

Figure 3
Trundle wheel
Figure 3
Trundle wheel
In order to be able to answer the question “Does road 9 conform to Christaller’s central place theory?” an arithmetical plan was carried out. My classmates and I separated into groups and each group arranged which route they would follow. Since there are shops on both sides of the road and it was a long 850-meter road, we split into four groups that consisted of four or five students each. Two groups started north, one group on each side of the road, and the other two groups started south, one group on each side. All four groups then converged in the middle. With a trundle wheel that had a circumference of one meter and made a clicking noise after each meter (shown in figure 3), we measured the distance between the corners of every shop and recorded them on a sheet of paper,...
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