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Heading for 2050: The future in a nutshell

This report is mainly surrounding the idea of technology evolution in 2050 in comparation to the present and with our current trends. It will merely present how the life can become even easier and simplified, the inaccesibility to information is almost nullified and how the nowadays Sci-fi ideas can become reality.

1. Accesibility
First of all, when you think about the present, you think at how much the technology has evolved compared to the previous years. Now imagine the same evolution for next 4 decades. It’s pretty hard to think that the things can become even more automatized, but it’s possible. Robots, machines, computers and automates will make our life even easier. The technology is and will always be improvable. At the moment, almost everything is public, from thousands of years ago history to last week’s inventions. It is extremely easy to document yourself in every domain, everybody with a rudimentary level of computing skills can find almost any information in no time. There is so much information that a human can’t even comprehend. In a life time you can barely learn and become the best in one domanin out of millions. And the amazing part of this is, it’s constantly evolving. By 2050, the current amazing things will be ancient technology and the current modern trends and fashion will be just old ideas. I sincerly belive that any kind of private life will become even harder to mentain, every information will be documentated and the accesibility to that information will be available for everyone. 2. Ecological impact

Global warming, pollution, poverty, famine. Will those still be mondial problems or will people realize the importance of ecological impact in the day by day problems ? I believe that rural life will be almost inexistent by 2050. Cities, on the other hand, will evolve in a good way. There will be a lot of ecological sites in a city, like block gardening, big parks in...
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