The Frozen Foods Age – An Attractive Business Opportunity

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Analyzing the Marketing Environment

The Frozen Foods Age – An Attractive Business Opportunity

In the early 1 900s, many people experimented with mechanical and chemical methods to preserve food. Then along came Clarence. Birdseye discovered a way to flash-freeze food and delivers them to the public. This was an important event in the annals of preserved food. By 1944 Birdseye’s frozen foods business was up and running. This not only brought him profits but ensured his name in the history book. What started as a minor venture changed the lives of a countless number of people and revolutionized a whole industry. The frozen food technology has a come a long way since then, especially with respect to semi-processed, nearly ready-to-eat food or snack preparations. In the West, one would be forgiven for asking “what can’t I get frozen these days?” Even in Bangladesh, the frozen food habit is just starting to catch up. Today, it may not be an indispensable part of our urban life, but it might very well turn out to be so, sooner than you think. The obvious advantages of frozen food are the significant saving in preparation time, and the irrelevance of culinary skills. To get a palatable snack or meal inside you, all you need to know is how to boil, fry, grill, or microwave. In the West, the quality of some ready-to-eat frozen meals almost rival those produced by cordon bleu chefs in good restaurants. Although the convenience of frozen food comes at a price, efficient preparation, better freezing technology, greater competition, and rising income levels have narrowed the affordability gap in many countries.

Bacterial hazard is a potentially serious problem with respect to frozen food. People can get seriously ill or even die from a severe case of Salmonella bacteria poisoning. Hygienic requirements during the preparation stage, the freezing process, and the storage conditions need to be of the highest standards. A particular...
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