The Flaws of SUVs

Topics: Off-road vehicle, Automobile, Internal combustion engine Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: January 22, 2002
The Flaws of SUV's

Sport utility vehicles, better known as SUV's, propose a hazard to other drivers on the road as well as their occupants. In addition to being unsafe they are also harmful to the environment. In the past six years SUV's have become the most popular vehicle on the roads in America and today they account for nearly fifty percent of all new vehicle sales. The annual sales of SUV's are currently on the rise as lower gas prices sweep across the nation. The combination of the SUV's hazardous nature and their rising sales makes for a very dangerous situation. Sport Utility Vehicles are harmful to the environment, hazardous to those occupying them, and create a hazard to other drivers on the road.

SUV's are engineered from the same platforms that are used to create trucks and most of the time they share the same engine and components. Instead of having a bed like a truck, which is very light, they have an enclosed area for more seats or a cargo compartment, which is very heavy. The added weight forces the engine to combust more gas in order to be able to provide adequate power to move the added weight. This is the reason that SUV's get worse gas mileage than their truck counterparts. Even an SUV that comes with a small engine will get bad gas mileage because it has to struggle and keep the RPM's high in order to move the vehicle. Higher RPM's equals more gas consumption. The emissions that SUV's put out are not as bad as they were in the past. In fact most SUV's that are made today qualify as low emissions vehicles or LEV's. The emission requirements have helped SUV's to become more conscientious towards the environment, but they are still too much of a "gas guzzler". We must remember that petroleum is a non renewable resource and once we have depleted the petroleum we have it is gone.

Sport utility vehicles have become a hazard to their occupants, because instead of being marketed as an off-road vehicle, as they originally were,...
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