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ATV Safety
Many people have got injured or have even died because of an ATV related accident. Since this has happened laws have gotten stricter and safety measures have got better. There are courses now that offer to teach an ATV rider how to operate the machine. ATVs are safe machines if the rider is aware of the dangers of a ATV and how to handle a ATV out on the trails.
Based on the type of terrain you plan on going to. It is important to determine which type of vehicle is best to use. You can chose between a four-wheeler and a side by side. A four-wheeler is better to use when a trail that you plan on riding is narrow, you also don’t need to carry a lot of things for the trip, and you are not going to carry and extra passenger. A side by side would be better to use if the trail was wider, if you plan on jumping it, carrying a lot of things, and if you plan on taking more than two passengers. The Side by Side is also much safer than a Four-wheeler because it has a roll cage attached to the frame and it also has seatbelts and a handle that you can hold onto. A four-wheeler does not really have anything that can keep you on the four-wheeler it just all depends on how good of a grip you have to hold on. A four-wheeler is more maneuverable. You can throw your body weight around to control the four-wheeler as in a Side by Side you are sitting down so you can not move your weight around in it. The dangers of four wheeling, there is always a chance that something that might happen to people while taking a ride. First people might want to start of by making sure they pick the right four wheeler you’re your age and your ability of riding. An article in the Dangers Of Four wheeling said, “Age 6 and older engine size should be under 70cc age 12 and older engine size should be 70cc-90cc and age 16 and older engine size should be over 90cc”. Some states allow children as young as 12 to drive if they have taken safety classes and have a parent riding with them. Now

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