The Five Stages of Team Building

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5 Stages of Team Building

The 5 stages of Team Building that was discussed in this article is: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning.

Forming: The team is getting to know one another, this is the introduction stage. Typically the team member are working together for the first time, and at this stage everyone is trying to figure out what position they will play on the team. The team acknowledges their team leader, and the team leader assigns the task to be completed, informs team members of their positions and the team’s objectives. In my experience at this stage, I meet my other team members, we are informed of our goals, and with the direction of the team leader we begin to formulate a plan to reach those goals. Storming: Team members began working on the project, and this is where thing get a bit messy. Everyone has their own ideas on how thing need to be done, and some individual may not be contributing much at all. Team members start to have conflict and task that need to be accomplished are being overshadowed by those conflicts. In the Storming stage, some team members are competing against on another for more experience, responsibility on the project at hand, while others are slacking or feeling overwhelmed in their part on the project. While the team is in turmoil it is important for the team leader to guide the team to resolution in order to get everyone on task. In order to move forward with the project at hand, the Team leader may need to revert back to the Forming stage and shift task within the team. I think it’s important for the team leader, to be knowledgeable about the team member s abilities, and experience, in the event plans need revising. Norming: Things are going more smoothly. The team is more familiar with one another, and everyone knows their place. Whenever there’s conflict, it’s handled quickly and efficiently, and without the supervision of the team leader. Communication is the key tool used in the Norming stage....
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