The first time I Saw Snow

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The first time I saw snow

My sister and my brother have always dreamed going to the Disney World. I have had different kind of dreams since I was a child. I used to dream about having a good job and earning my own money. I have dreamed having my own apartment, my own car and living by myself. Another dream was to taking trips to places that I was used to seeing it in the movies. However, the most wonderful of all the dreams was to see snow. I was born in Brazil. It is a tropical place and I have never seen snow there. The first time I saw snow was such a dream come true and it was one of the best experiences in my life. When I saw snow for the first time, I was in New York. When I saw it was snowing, I thought I was being blessed. To see snow for the first time was wonderful and I have never thought about how it was making that experience magical and scary at the same time. I got out the house because I wanted to feel and see it closer and better. I was taking many pictures when suddenly I realized I could not feel my hands. My fingers were very cold and I started to feel some pain because of that. I ran into the house and put my hands in the hot water. It was very bad and I felt more pain. I was crying because I was feeling pain. I went to the bedroom to put my hands in a blanket and I stood there for a long time. When I started to feel better and warm, I was able to relax.

It was wonderful make my dream come true. It was magical to see that everything was white in front of me and I was able to feel the frozen wind in my face. It was one of the big experiences in my life. I also learned it can be dangerous stay closer snow, but now I know exactly what I need to do to keep me warm in a cold weather and in a snow days.
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