The First Persian War

Topics: Taoism, Chinese philosophy, Qi Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Introduction: The founding father of Daoism was Lao Zi (600-520bce). Dao – meaning way to live. Daoism believes are heavily based on the idea of Yin and Yang, forces that have to be in balance. Yin is the moon, darkest, female and passive. Yang being the sun, light, male and aggression .Meditation is the key form to keeping inner balance. Stress is the most common sing of yin and yang unbalance .The unbalance can be caused by the conflicts of between what you want and what is happening, leading to the feeling of overwhelm and burden. The feeling of aggression, stress and negativity is always around us, meditating channels your positive energy, which gives the body relaxation and calmness. General Purpose: To pursued the audience to mediate daily to secure mental balance. Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech the audience will have a clear understanding of how to mediate and why it is important to both to our physical and mental balance. I: In today’s life most people are always running from one place to the other .We are constantly in battle with the clock, balancing all the roles we take on as students, employees and parents’ .Most times leaving ourselves undone, emotionally and drain. However by meditating 15 – 30 minutes will not only help to find balance but could possibly save your life. * One third of cardiovascular death in the United States is caused by stress. * Stress is also related to the cause of over 24 different mental diseases. * 1 in every 3 person feels stressed daily.

* With 77% reported experience mental and physical symptoms of stress.
III: The relaxation process experienced by the body when meditating helps: * Increase metabolism.
* Improve heart rates.
* Lower blood pressure.
* Improve your lungs and breathing.

II: How to Meditate:
* Find a quite space, where you can be alone.
* You can use music to help relax (smooth and slow).
* Close your eyes and allow your mind to go blank.

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