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The Fed

By flbarbiebrim Feb 27, 2013 461 Words
Week 1 Discussion Question1:
Please respond to the following:
Describe the areas (student, professional, citizen, family member, friend, etc.) of your life in which writing plays a major role. Explain.

Writing plays a major role in my student and professional life. I work at a financial institution and in order to communicate effectively throughout my organization it is vital that my writing skills are up to par. I am currently enrolled in school and being a student at Strayer I am required to write at least 2 papers a quarter.

Identify the goals you have as student, professional, citizen, family member or friend, and explain how you expect writing to play a role in one of these areas in 10 years. As a student my main goal is to graduate with a gpa 3.5 or higher. Since I am banking major with a minor in finance and I work in a financial institution; I am looking to gain experience and knowledge in my field in order to advance to top level management. Although my professional career is mostly crunching numbers, communication is key. Without knowing how to write and communicate I will be unsuccessful.

Discussion 2: Reading Visuals or Websites Critically
Please respond to the following:
Select an academic Website with attractive visuals that is geared toward adults and designed to support the content of the Website; describe how the visuals, layout, color, and other elements are intended to influence the readers/viewers. Include the URL in your discussion.

I think Strayer’s academic website has attractive visuals geared toward adults. The color scheme on Strayer’s website is a little darker than the brighter “younger” colors most traditional schools use. The adults in their cap and gowns attracts other adults looking for an academic institution fit for them and their needs. When I see someone like me with a child or any type of similar circumstances, actually completing something I am interested in starting it’s like a push of encouragement. If they did it why can’t I?

Discussion 3: Electronic Tools for Learning
Please respond to the following:
Television, movies, electronic games, Internet sites with video and animation, and mobile phones are common media for children and adults today. Discuss how regular access to these media may affect students’ reading and writing skills positively or negatively.

I feel as if tv, movies, electronic games, the internet, and other technical devices are hindering our ability and the upcoming generations ability to compose a proper paper. Everything is turning into short hand. Even when I instant message my supervisor at work we use short hand. All the new acronyms and abbreviations are making us lazy to developing correct reading and writing skills. This is a negative impact on the future.

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