The Feasibility of Dried Tobacco Leaves as a Pesticide Against Cockroaches

Topics: Tobacco, Nicotine, Cigarette Pages: 6 (1522 words) Published: January 10, 2012
Tobacco plants nowadays are very much needed and demanded by most of our dear consumers especially farmer and now that we are facing an intense economic crisis, and with that mere situation, the primary necessities which are very much needed by man in order for him to survive his daily living are now of higher prices compared to the last couple of years and that includes the demanding need and use of the liquefied petroleum gas or LPG. Because of the fact that this difficult situation happens, most of our dear consumers really do prefer using alternative briquettes for their different cooking purposes.The purpose of this study is to be able to produce a low-cost, attainable and alternative briquette. The researcher really wants to know if banana peelings can be a good source of briquettes. The researcher gathered all the materials needed in conducting the said experiment like the banana peelings, scratched papers, water, measuring cup, knife, platform balance, scissors, molders, matches, pen, and paper and conducted the said experiment step by step. Then the researcher came up with the results that the molder with water, banana peelings and papers showed the longest time of fire resistance after being lit. Therefore, using banana peelings as a source of briquettes is effective and through this, awe can be able to produce a low-cost, attainable and alternative source of briquette.The researcher recommended further study and other sources of fruit peelings.

Background Of The Study

The tobacco plant is a very popular material because it is one of the ingredients in making cigarettes. Tobacco is a herbaceous plant widely cultivated for it's leaves, which are rolled into cigars and also used in making pipes, process for chewing or grinding into pieces or snuff. Some commercial used tobacco leaves as one of its components. The tobacco plant is coarse, fast growing plant with a simple cylindrical stem from 4 to 8 ft. in length, growing from central taproots.

Tobacco leaves has "nicotine", a poisonous, colorless, oily, liquid, alkaloid with a very acid taste. Thus, making this a good pesticide against termites and many other insects. Pesticide are widely used nowadays by means of killing and controlling insects and other pests With this study, the researchers want to find out if the dried tobacco leaves is feasible as a pesticide Thus, helping them to avail and make this pesticide at home with less or cheaper money, time and effort.

Statement Of The Problem

This study aims to test whether the dried tobacco leaves is feasible as an pesticide. This is because tobacco plant is abundant here in the Philippines. The process in making this insecticide is simple and much cheaper than the commercial pesticide because its just a home- made pesticide. There are two set- ups in this study, which will use: dried tobacco leaves ( thinly sliced ), water, mortar and pestle and a spray container.

This study aims to answer the following questions:
1.)What is in the tobacco leaves that it is feasible as a pesticide? 2.)Is the dries tobacco leaves effective as a pesticide?


1.)The tobacco leaves has nicotine which is an effective component in killing cockroaches.

2.)The dried tobacco leaves is effective as a pesticide against cockroaches.

Significance Of The Study

Nowadays, human beings make many inventions, for the betterment of human life. One of this, is the pesticide .This is to prevent insects from causing damage to may crops and other plants. Some insects are considered to be pests because it really causes damage to many farmlands. And also many pesticide are expensive. This study helps the Filipino people especially the farmers in making a home- made pesticide which is less expensive, and easy to make and you'll only exert less effort.

Scope and Limitation

This study tries to focus only in knowing if...
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