Long Term Effects of Smoking

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Tobacco, Cancer Pages: 5 (1826 words) Published: March 12, 2014

Did you know that for every cigarette you smoke you can lose eleven minutes off your life? Smoking can not only leave you with long term affects you may not be able to get rid of but it will leave you poor and maybe dead. Mankind first came in touch with tobacco approximately eighteen thousand years ago, when migrant Asiatic people first intersected the Bering Strait and extended across the continents today known as the Americas, where tobacco is native (Gately ,2001). Mayan Indians of Mexico engraved a picture in stone showing the use of tobacco. The drawings dated back to somewhere between six hundred and nine hundred A.D. Tobacco was cultivated by American Indians before the Europeans came from England, Spain, France, and Italy to North America. Native Americans smoked tobacco through a cylinder for special religious and medical reasons. In 1612 the colonists of the first American colony in Jamestown, Virginia produced tobacco as a cash crop. Tobacco was the people’s man flow of money. Tobacco helped finance the revolution against England. George Washington also grew tobacco (Health Literacy Organization). Tobacco was said to be a cure- all, and was used to heal wounds, as well as a pain reliever. Tobacco could also heal a toothache (Vernillia R. Randall, 1999). The word tobacco come from a concave y –shaped pipe called as a tobaca or tobaga. Famers categorize the tobacco according to the way the leaves are dried. The four different types of tobacco is air- cured tobacco, fire- cured tobacco, flue-cured tobacco, sun- cured tobacco, and cigar- leaf tobacco. Air-cured tobacco contains to varieties light air cured and dark air cured. A lot of the cigarettes encompass 2 major types of light air cured tobacco which is barley and Maryland. Producers use dark air cured tobacco mainly for chewing tobacco and snuff. Fire -cured tobacco has unique smoky scent and taste. Producers use fire cured tobacco to make cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, and strong tasting cigars. Flue-cured tobacco is also known as bright cured tobacco. Flue-cured tobacco turns yellow or reddish orange during the curing procedure. Brazil and the United States are main the main flue- cured tobacco exporters. Sun- cured tobacco makes up only a tiny amount of the world’s tobacco crop. Cigar leaf curing tobacco includes three types: cigar filler tobacco, cigar binder tobacco, and cigar wrapper tobacco. Cigar filler has a honeyed taste and burns equally. Producers use cigar fillers in the body of the cigars. Cigar binder tobacco grips the filler tobacco together in pricey hand- rolled cigars. Cigar wrapper tobacco protects the outside of the cigars. Less expensive cigars have modified tobacco sheets for their binder and in some brand for their wrapper (David Smith, 2012). Cigarette smoke encompasses thousands of different substances. Cigarettes include all of the following and many more ingredients: acetic acid, acetone, ammonia, arsenic, cadmium, carbon monoxide, DDT, ethanol, formalin, hexamine, hydrogen cyanide, methane, naphthalene, nicotine, phenols, stearic acid, toluene, tar, butane, cyanhydric acid, Naphtylamine, pyrene, polonium 210. Acetic acid is a pure neutral organic acid with a unique sharp smell, used as a solvent and in the production of rubber, plastic, acetic fibers, pharmaceuticals, and photographic chemicals. Acetone is a pale capricious combustible powerful liquid, miscible with water, used in the production of chemicals and as a diluter and thinner for paints, varnishes, and lacquers. Ammonia is a pale alkaline gas that is lighter than air and has a powerfully bitter smell. Ammonia is used in fertilizers, refrigerant, in medicine and in making dyes, textiles plastics, and explosives. Arsenic is an extremely poisonous metallic component having three allotropic forms yellow, black, and gray. Arsenic is used in weed killers insecticides, and solid state doping agents. Cadmium is a gentle bluish- white metallic component occurring...
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