The False Prince Journal

Pages: 5 (915 words) Published: March 14, 2015

The False Prince Journal
Navtej Kathuria
January 22nd, 2015

In view of: Master Conner or Bevin Conner
I had a plan in mind. Now just to find the right people for the task. I knew that people of Carthya were counting on me. I had no desire to do it for them, this was for me. I was always a well-respected nobleman and one of the twenty regents of King Eckbert who has deceased. I know who killed them, but that is one thing I will never reveal to the public. I need two find three to four boys who will help me succeed in my plan of controlling the vast land of Carthya and the power it holds. If my plans go accordingly, I will be a great ruler of Carthya. At last, I have reached the northern end of Carthya. I have to find three orphan boys who I believe may fit the part for my plan. I first visited an orphanage at the end of the road and picked up a boy named Roden. Roden seemed to have a good build and looked as if he could change his appearance easily making him a good candidate for my plan. After Roden had been loaded into the wagon where my two trusted servants, Mott and Cregan sat with another boy I had found on my way to the north, I went searching for one or two more. Down the road, I was walking to another orphanage when a boy, about the age of 14 or 15, was running towards the orphanage with a full roast in his arms. Closely behind him was a native butcher who seemed as if he was after the boy. Assessing the situation quickly I stuck out my leg in front of the boy tripping him allowing the butcher to capture him. The boy seemed to be someone who could help me, but I couldn’t place how. I then realized he could also be a candidate for my plan as the more options the better the choice. I paid the butcher thirty Garlins for the roast the boy had stolen and paid 20 Garlins to the butcher for the boy. I took the boy to the orphanage to see the master there, Mrs. Turbeldy. I asked her about the boy who stood less than a foot in front of me. She answered my question of his name, his background and his experience. Sage, the boy, was a son to a drunk father who was a terrible musician, who had died years earlier. Mrs. Turbeldy said that Sage mad his way through life through cheating and lying. I saw through the lies the boy had told and I saw what he could do. He would make a great candidate for my plan. H could be the key to the power I have waited so long for. This could be the way I gain power and rule of the land I have served so long. This could be a new beginning.

In view of: Master Conner or Bevin Conner
Rising Action
When all the boys were in the wagon, Cregan maneuvered the cart for an hour or two when we came to my home in Farthenwood. We were about an hour away when I sat down to give the boys a talk and then give them a meal to replenish their energy. Before I gave the boys something to eat. I asked all of them if they wanted to leave me and go from my house and my safety. Only one boy volunteered to leave; Latemer. The boy who I have found coming to the north end of Carthya. I could tell from the beginning of the journey, he was bound to do this as I had picked up the sick and useless boy for a particular reason. Earlier that day, I had given Cregan instructions to hide behind a bush when I make the boys sit in a circle. If any of the boys choose to leave, then he was to shoot them and make sure they don’t live. This was to show the boys how serious I was and how stepping out of line will end up in a devastating end. Latemer started to leave the area and walk back to the orphanage he was found at when Cregan jumped out of the bush and using his bow and arrow shot Latemer in the heart. Sage was trying to warn Latemer about what was to happen to him. He was too late and Latemer was dead and my lesson to boys did its duty and certainly shocked them. Sage was very upset as Cregan’s actions thinking Cregan did it on his own accord not know I had told him to,...
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