The Environment

Topics: Recycling, Pollution, Waste Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Environmental pollution will dramatically decline if the authorities are not reluctant when it comes to making disposals more accessible so that a clean environment can be maintained. According to (SWMCOL 2010) in Trinidad and Tobago, the average person generates approximately 4 lbs of waste per day This amounts to approximately 1,000 tons of waste that reaches the landfill sites per day Apart from this, large quantities of waste are also improperly disposed of, and as a result, pollute our streets, drains, rivers, beaches and other environs. According to, disposal is the action of throwing something away or getting rid of something. But how can we properly dispose of our domestic waste if the authorities are reluctant to provide such resources to do so properly. A high supply of garbage bins will improve our environment because persons will have somewhere to throw their garbage when they are finish using them in the bins , instead of drains so there will be a decrease in flash flooding’s in our communities and country. The authorities may provide bins but if they do so in a small scale it will be ineffective and insufficient for a large public area. Sometimes you will notice that in public areas that garbage are overfull and that people keep throwing until garbage overflows on to the ground because the receptacles that are being provided is of a small or micro scale. So that if the authorities provide bins or garbage disposals on a large or macro scale it will improve the efficiency of the disposal of waste and so a will help keep and maintain a clean environment we all can enjoy. To maintain a clean environment it would be beneficial for the garbage trucks in our communities to make frequent trips so as to prevent a pile up which may lead to air pollution hence persons living in that area may experience discomfort. Additionally a frequent picking up of the communities waste will help ameliorate a clean and healthy environment and such it will...
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