The Effects of the Revaluation in Egypt

Topics: Hosni Mubarak, Egypt, Government Pages: 4 (1526 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The Effects of The Revaluation in Egypt
Many countries in the world have gone through revolution with the aim of making life better for its citizens. Many leaders on the other hand tend to stick to power for a long time making her citizens feel other people should also be given a chance to rule with a belief that the misery they go through is as a result of poor and dictatorial leadership. Once such revolution take place, it shows how the citizens have lost hope with the current leadership, making them believe any change of leaders will make their life better. As the cost of living get higher, most of a countries populace more often than not finds it demanding to meet the ever increasing demands of life and these enhances their misery and hard economic times, making them not to comfortably cope with the daily challenges of life. In most cases, revolution is accelerated by lack of fair distribution of wealth among the citizens. Many of the countries that have experienced revolution have cited the increased poverty levels which aggravate their aggression to remove the current leadership, believing by doing so, their miseries will be better. Revolution is described as the fundamental change of power or structures of governance that normally takes a short time to happen. As put forth by Aristotle, revolution can be of two types. One type looks and the complete change of one constitution to another and the second one looks and modification of the existing constitution to meet the current needs of the people. In regard to Aristotle's view of politics, he views politicians as craftsmen who should tailor make constitution which should serve the people with a focus to mutual gain or satisfaction of the citizens. He advocated for regular review of the constitution and these factors can be said to have lacked in Mubarak's governance. He further argues that people who cannot govern themselves need to be governed, implying there should be a leader to govern them. Most of...

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