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What Does Revolution Really Mean?
When you hear the word revolution, many things may come to mind: vicious, bloody battles, mobs and militiamen, powerful and oppressive kings, and feudal japan. Or perhaps you think of specific revolutions such as the French Revolution or the American Revolution. But are these the only kind of revolution that has, or will ever exist? Simply put, no. So what else can a revolution be, besides an unruly uprising? Well, a revolution is a change in society, which can be violent or non-violent, led by a group of people with a common interest, and which has lasting effects on government, society, or economy. Given this standard we can look at revolution in a whole new light, opening the doors to some of history’s greatest...

While expansion gave people ways to settle in new towns, it also drew a steady stream of workers to the city and its factories. With more people to work, the cities only got larger and needed more housing space for the extra residents; welcome the birth of the mega-city and the suburbs. The incoming people often had their entire families work in the factories, even children worked, doing jobs that larger individuals could not. Consequently a slew of civil and ethical questions followed, which would be danced around for the next century before coming to a close. While factories did usher the largest economic growth in history, poor, cramped, and dirty conditions in factories and cities brought on the rise of the first work unions and many new laws protecting workers. Another new social aspect that came from the Industrial Revolution was the middle class. Factory owners hired educated individuals to oversee the workflow, giving education a higher value and allowing common people to move into higher social status. The Industrial Revolution also saw a massive an increase in population; in the 250 year period the population grew from only one billion people to over six billion in the late 1900s...
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