The Effects of Technology

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The effects of technology and why we should stop depending on it. The average teenager living in a modernized world has a cell phone for which he/she uses every day in order to keep in touch with all of his/her friends every minute, all the time (Insurance Information Institute). The last generation didn’t have cell phones when they were kids. Even their parents didn’t have cell phones. A statistic shows that 20 years ago, in 1990, when cell phones first started to come out, approximately 4.3 million people subscribed to cell phone companies (Insurance Information Institute). Cell phones have become a must-have in our lives (Insurance Information Institute). It’s usual for a teenager to be walking around chattering away on their own cell phone. In the last generation, when teens were bored and wanted to do something they would play outside, play sports, and basically do something physical (StraightUp). Nowadays, when teenagers claim that they are finished with their homework and have nothing to do, they spend the rest of their day calling up all their friends and talking to them until it’s time for bed. Talking with friends is not bad in any way; nevertheless, kids could be doing something with them, something physical and entertaining at the same time. At least they could exercise while having fun with their friends, instead of just sitting on the couch or lying down on the bed with the phone raised up to your ear for hours and hours. Technology has made us lazy. It has made everything so easy, that we have taken full advantage of it and forget that we’re just wasting our time in the end (straight up). Right now, people from the next generation are in school, growing up, about to be released into the world. They’re going to need jobs in order to support themselves and their families. What might they want to pursue? Actor, computer engineering, writer, doctor, musician, etc. Technology could even replace a friend. A Japanese robot called Wakamuru can “house sit,” interact with other people, and not surprisingly tell news of what’s happening around the world with updates from the Internet (Runyan 1). Moreover, wouldn’t they want to take on their job and learn as they go, instead of technology doing the job for them? They would want to supply all of their own efforts in creating or doing whatever it is that they are required to do. Basically, they don’t want technology doing all the work (Runyan 1). Now, and the coming years, technology will have taken a large percent in human functions (Runyan 1). People will not be expected to do even half the amount of work that technology will do. People might not even be needed whatsoever. Take, for example, an actor. Many movies have begun using a movie effect called CGI, or computer generated graphics (Runyan 1). Actors can sit aside and wait as movie directors and producers sit on their computers, creating a part of a movie all without the use of an actual actor (Runyan 1). Another example could be a writer. Some MIT graduates got their paper accepted into the World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (Runyan 1). The paper was written only by a computer-generated “context-free” program, with absolutely no help from the actual humans that created the program (Runyan 1). In 1993, a person by the name of Scott French spent $50,000 in order to purchase an artificial intelligence so that he could program it to write a bestselling romance novel (Runyan 2). He got what he wanted, and the book turned out to sell 15,000 copies in the first printing; the book being 70,000 words long (Runyan 2). Interestingly, the book turned out to be pretty good. Jobs are being taken over by machines. They don’t appeal as much to people as much as they did a decade or two ago. More technology equals less people. Less people equals less expense on salaries. People need to deduce that there always is a possibility that they could get fired from a job and replaced with a computer or...
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