The Effects of Pornography

Topics: Pornography, Sexual intercourse, Obscenity Pages: 5 (1859 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Remember when your parents told you that you could not watch certain channels, or went to the extent of blocking channels and shows that came on after dark. Although it may have been frustrating, thinking it was just another way for our parents to control us. In actuality our parents were just trying to protect us. They were shielding us from material that may be harmful to us. This is similar to what the government attempts to do with pornography and obscenity laws.   Pornography is the portrayal of sexually explicit material with the intent to cause sexual arousal. Pornography is the display of women as sexual objects, enjoying pain, humiliation, rape or being physically harmed. It is also obscene material in the form of audio, video, pictures, paintings, and even in written words. Pornography is many things and can not be defined it to one single definition because over time the meaning changes. What is classified as pornography varies from culture to culture and with time. For example In Iraq the display of a woman’s cleavage or legs is categorized as obscene and explicit material. to a  African Zulu tribe that wears just enough clothing to cover their genitals,would see that as normal. It all depends oon the context of that culture.   Through history porongraphy ancient history that has been hundreds maybe thousands of years; in the form of  sculptures, cave drawings and venus figurines. The first documented sexual depictions(porn) were printed in a Hindu manual on sexual behavior called, Kama Sutra or Kamasutran.  Karma sutra was created around first century B.C. India by monks. The Indian monks had figurines of people having sex engraved into the temple walls. Though it wasn’t really  conceived as porn but it was spiritual and part of everyday life. Also in ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome, sexually depictions were also part of their religious framework. Centuries later during the renaissance pornography prospered spreading across Europe with the technological advancement of the printings press; unlike Hindu, Christianity strongly prohibited and labeled it as immoral or a sin. As a result people pushed it away  Today, there are still groups of people that disapprove of  pornography and believe it is harmful to our society. For instance some feminist disapprove of it because they feel that porn degrades women and “sets them back in time” when women were saw as sex objects. Furthermore The Citizen Against Pornography(CAP) is an organization trying to fight porn because they believe it has a regressive effect on society; and through the use of education, legislation, and technology they can repeal its effects. Another organization is Girls Against Porn, they claim porn is :addicting and worst than cocaine, dishonors women, and antagonizes child molesters, stalkers, and rapist. There are other anti porn groups such as: American Family association, National law center for children and families, Family research council, spider women, national coalition for the protection of children, morality in media, and etc..  Anti-porn experts want pornography banned. They believe Pornography promotes promiscuous and violent behavior. It dehumanizes women and makes them appear as sexual objects, especially in hardcore porn that makes it seem like women enjoy pain, being raped, and humiliated. Most women do not enjoy being spit on, tied up, cut up, mutilated and being maltreated. Many feminist believe pornography reverses what they have worked so hard no to be or portray, which is being submissive and inferior to men. In more cases than not these women portray women as “sluts” and “whores” by nature, when that is not the case. Pornography has a damaging effect on the image of women, whether you’re a porn star or not.    Pornography is “protected by the first amendment;“ porn was not meant to be protected. Anything that may be harmful or that promotes promiscuous behavior should be a violation. Its an industry that...
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