The Effects of Computers on Education

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The Effects of Computers on Education
Thursday, March 22, 2007
By Joseph Bonsu-Akoto
Education has been identified as a strategic resource in helping a nation to reduce their dependence on foreign professionals. Educators and economists have not always recognized the close relationship between their disciplines. But now, as reported in The Economist: “All over the world educational achievement and economic success are clearly linked – the struggle to raise the nation’s living standards fought first and foremost in the classroom. Certainly, no one any longer needs convincing that education matters. The new jobs in tomorrow’s industries, in manufacturing and services alike will require workers that are literate, numerate, adaptable, and trainable – in a word, educated”. A country that strives to produce educational services is constantly increasing the range of economic productivity and affluence for itself. In recent years, a global consensus has emerged on the importance of investing in human capital, which is viewed as an essential part of efforts to raise incomes and achieve sustained economic growth. The pace of changing technology, economic reforms, and the rapid increase in knowledge have brought about more frequent job changes in the lives of individuals.  This has created two key priorities for education: it must meet economic needs by meeting demands for adaptable workers who can readily acquire new skills, and it must support the continued expansion. Economists view education as a sound investment. For individuals and families, education increases income, improves health and reduces fertility rate.  For society as a whole, investing in education raises per-capita income and production Gross Domestic Product (GDP), reduces poverty as well a crime, and supports the expansion of knowledge. On the business side, they view education as important too.  Many businesses will locate to the areas that have high-quality education....
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