Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement in Education

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Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement
In this assignment I am going to analyse the quality assurance and quality improvement framework and procedures on my teaching programme. The efforts to improve quality in education are very important and in recent years have received increasing attention. In particular three main factors, external pressure played an important role. * Educational Issues: Concerns about performance of schools and colleges. * Political Issues: Concerns about reducing public spending as a proportion of GDP and other public spending. * Economic Arguments: Concerns about the links between educational spending and economic success, especially in comparison with competitor nations. Legislative changes in the UK and elsewhere have brought increased autonomy for schools and colleges, accompanied by requirements making them more accountable for the quality of provision and spending decisions. (Preedy, Glatter and Levacic, 1997) Learner’s Feedback and Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement: There are a number of different ways for students to make their views known and offer constructive feedback on modules and programmes, including the use of questionnaires, attendance at key academic quality related committees, and feeding into quality assurance and enhancement processes such as periodic review. The college wants to ensure that listening to and responding to the student voice becomes further embedded into our quality assurance processes. Students are encouraged to give feedback, which will benefit both current and future students. I am going to discuss learner feedback at different levels.

* On my own individual lessons
* On the programme as whole
* By the institution
On my own individual level at the end of every lesson, I ask students for their feedback for the lesson and suggestions for next lesson. In my lesson plan I note any suggestions or useful feedback from students and self observation. At the end of each term I use to take a feedback form to be filled by students. I encourage students to give constructive feedback and be honest while giving feedback, which helps me to improve my teaching quality for my learners. I am attaching my students’ most recent feedback evaluation with this assignment as a reference. At institutional level, student responses are collected at various points through the year as part of our on-going quality surveys. College organises student surveys online and during different sessions, in which students are asked to share their college experience and any concerns. College has also started “Learner voice “programme in which students will able to choose their representative (rep.). Learner voice allows every student to have their say. Every course has two reps that meet with their class and give feedback to tutors and managers throughout the year to make student opinion heard. The college welcomes student comments, suggestions, complaints or compliments. Students can contact by speaking in person to the appropriate manager (Reception staff will help to contact right person) or completing a form available at student services (attaching with this assignment) or can email their comments or can telephone. All the comments, complaints or requests then pass to the appropriate college manager to deal with. Student will receive a full reply within 10 working days or details of progress and timescales for a further response. Quality of Assessment of Student work maintained and monitored: Managing of assessment is a responsibility shared by all members of the team. It may be managing administration and registration of candidates, managing the input programme or induction for candidates or managing a review of centre policies among other duties. Internal verification involves quality checking procedures concerned with ensuring that assessment is carried out fairly and consistently to national standards and that any faults are...
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