The Effectivity of Facebook in the Dissemination of Activities of the LPU-LTSA

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, MySpace Pages: 6 (1997 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Background of the Study
Computers and the Internet are considered two of the most useful inventions in the 21st century. And as time evolve; improvements were also made to enhance its performance and make the individual’s lives more efficient. This marked the rise of a widely know social networking site in the world, Facebook. “It was formally launched on February 4, 2004 with more than 800 million active users around the globe. It was through the great minds of Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates and fellow students at the Harvard University that made the use of Facebook possible. In its early existence, it was only limited to the students of Harvard University but it was later expanded to the other colleges in the Boston area. Then, eventually anyone aged 13 and above can register and access this social networking site all throughout due to its popularity.” ( Anyone who has an account and an active user of Facebook will agree that it is indeed a great help to most individuals in terms of remembering important dates such as birthdays, finding a long lost family member or friend or even viewing your crushes’ profile. But most importantly, it aids in the dissemination of activities through the different pages and groups that can be made by an administrator. Facebook’s “Group” and “Page” are considered two of the most significant parts because it can also serve as the university’s associations and organizations extension to its members with regards to the spread of information. It has applications like instant messaging, forums, photo tagging and video chatting for the user’s benefit. Thus, Lyceum of the Philippines University, as a campus that seeks to make its students computer literate, adapt to this new trend of disseminating pieces of information related to activities of the various organizations and associations in the campus, most particularly, the LPU Tourism Student Association. Statement of the Problem

In this study the researcher aims to identify the effectivity of Facebook in the dissemination of activities of the LPU’s Tourism Student Association. To further resolve the main problem, the following questions need to be answered: 1. Is Facebook an effective means of disseminating announcements about LTSA’s activities? a. Does it lessen the time consumed by the officers in posting or relating the organization’s activities to its members? b. Is it accessible to all the members?

2. Do the officers/ administrators update it from time to time? 3. Does it offer reliable information about the activities?

The researcher also has the following objectives:
a. To present a profile of the respondents.
b. To narrow down the topic from the general discussion to specific discussions. Significance of the Study
The researcher would like to know the effectivity of disseminating activities of an association through the use of Facebook. If proven helpful, the use of Facebook as a means of spreading out information about an association’s activities will benefit the: Association’s Officers- Since they are all students, their tasks will be lessen, therefore, they will have more time to focus on their academics. Also, their efforts in making posters or visual aids will be reduced a little because they need not to post everything in the bulletin but only those that are important, more of the details will then be written in the Facebook page. Members: They will be kept updated on information about the activities to be held especially those that are active Facebook users. Whereas, to the not so active Facebook users they can still view updates about the activities through the traditional way.

The people that the researcher will be talking to in the entirety of the research will be the LPU’s Tourism Student Association’s officers or its Facebook administrators that are responsible in posting the activities in LTSA’s Facebook page. Scope and...

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