We Cannot Live Without Facebook

Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Internet Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: October 13, 2009
“We cannot live without facebook”

We rely on our relations to continue in existence. Communication is the building block for our sense of self. Why am I here? And why are you here? That’s because we can see each other and grasp completely who we are. Facebook is a social networking website that allows members to share personal information and opinions.

In this era, certainly, it is impossible for us to live without internet. Facebook brings together several online tools and acts like a black hole that sucks in varies functions. People find most functions here which they cannot live without. You may question whether facebook have the following functions. Sending messages? Yes. Playing online games? Yes of course. Chatting with friends? Yes. Photos and video sharing? Absolutely! The multi-functional purpose of facebook can replace every single internet tools such as MSN, e-mail or forums. And people would then prefer using this wider social network to keep contact with one another, rather than other internet devices. As a result, people cannot live without facebook because it becomes the largest wealth of information in the internet.

Around 2.5% of the world population is using facebook now. Are you one of them? Facebook has become an important aspect of human communication for all those with connections to the Internet nowadays. Judging on the present wide-spreading use of facebook, more and more people treat it as their daily routine and working style in the internet. We rely on it gradually to communicate with others. It also becomes the central place where members organize parties, store pictures, find jobs, watch videos, and play games. Moreover, we can keep long-distance relationship with friends. We cannot live without facebook since it opens the door to a new age of communication.

In this generation, communication in the internet is important. Facebook is an open-to-all platform which brings members of the world or a community...
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