The Effect of External Factors Upon Cardiovascular System and Its Controlling Mechanisms.

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BMS 1515 Human Sciences - Reflective feedback/Feedforward Form – to be submitted with the final assignment Make this PAGE 1 of your assignment!!


What did you understand from the lecturer’s feedback comments on your formative lab report?- title was not illustrative enough, just a mere two words. - Abstract was superficial, not focussed upon the subject area and lacked specificity. - Abstract did not have aims, the origin of experiment and the usage, the key results were missing and there were no significant data present. - Introduction is a short review not a paragraph on unfocussed research that is undirected. - Don’t give hypothesis as a personal opinion- good representation of results- NO analysis and part of discussion missing due to uploading error as the document fails to load. | What were the main areas for improvement?- Analysis- Introduction- Discussion- Abstract| How have you used the feedback to prepare and present your work and final submission?- I have spent much time on my abstract and made it directed and specific to the area topic I am doing my lab report in. - I have learned not to use hypothesis as a personal opinion but as a ‘theory’ that needs to be backed up by data.- I have spent time on analysis and discussion, trying to show it direction and also interrogated the results, just as requested by my lecturer. | How did you find receiving feedback without an attached grade?I found the review to be exceptionally detailed and to the point. The review was straightforward and harsh, which allowed me to see my mistakes and take them fully on board to enhance my work upto a 2:1 standard at least. The review also helped me to see how much I understood about writing reports and that my way was completely wrong in terms of approaching and interpreting my data. The biggest thing was that the review was true and to the point, and not sugar coated. Hopefully, I will use this review to enhance my lab report writing skills and get the best results I can. | What value do YOU think your work is worth and why? I donot think my work was worth anything more than what my lecturer marked it because I can see where I went wrong, and if you look at the comments and apply them to my work ,they make perfect sense. I believe this to be one of the worst work I have produced in a long time, as I have never written lab reports before, therefore, I wanted to experiment as to which way was right. Any other comments?Im good. :D|

The effect of external factors upon cardiovascular system and its controlling mechanisms.

BMS 1515
Human sciences

Student Name: Haider Sheikh
Student Number: M00398469
Tutor Name: Sheila Cunningham

The effect of external factors upon cardiovascular system and its controlling mechanisms.

This study was designed to show how external factors such as exercise, body posture, cognitive activity and sensory inputs can have an impact upon the cardiovascular system, particularly the blood pressure and pulse rate. The practical was divided into four activities; exercise, body posture, cognitive activity and sensory input via human diving reflex. The study found out that pulse rate increased as the subjects exercised, by about 30-45%, as 72.5 bpm mean resting pulse increased to 105bpm after 10 minutes of exercise. The study also found out the decent position to have a blood test, the mean arterial pressure closest to the resting arterial pressure (90mmHg), was when the subject was sitting down with his arms level to the heart, it was 92.2mmHg. The study found that relaxation can cause a decrease in heart rate as the heart rate fell from 72.5bpm, mean resting pulse, to 64.1bpm whilst massaging. Anxiety and fear were found to have adverse effect, causing heart rate to rise to 94.1bpm and 81.9bpm respectively. Sensory inputs, when face was immersed in water, initiated a human diving response causing heart rate to...
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