The Effect of European Settlers on the Maori Group

Topics: New Zealand, Māori, Abel Tasman Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Describe the European groups that came to New Zealand prior to 1840, and the impacts their contact had on Maori culture

Before the 1840s there were many European groups that impacted Maori culture with positive, negative, major and minor impacts. These main groups that impacted Maori culture were the Explorers, Traders, Missionaries and the Sealers and Whalers. Some of these groups had major impacts on Maori culture and some of them had minor impacts.

The explorers had a major impact to the Maori culture because they were the ones to start these changes and impacts to New Zealand and Maori culture. There were two European explorers that were sent to find the great southern continent and claim it for England. One of them was Abel Tasman and the other James Cook. Abel Tasman was the first to set sail for the great Southern Continent in 1642 he tries to interact with the Maoris by sending them signals but the Maoris thought that thy were trying to challenge them so the Maoris attacked Tasman’s crew. Tasman and his crew retreated and never came back to New Zealand. James cook was the second man to set sail to the great southern continent that Tasman did not set foot on in 1769. He was successful to interact with the Maoris and his crew were very attracted to Maori women, they made children with them and also might have introduced sexual diseases to the Maori. Cook also introduced metal, wool, guns pigs and potatoes through trading this benefited both races because the Maori got more resources that they could use in their lifestyle and the Europeans learnt about Maori culture and got Maori resources as well.

The Sealers and Whalers had a minor impact on Maori culture. They came to New Zealand because there were a lot of seals and whales at the time in New Zealand. They taught Maori new skills on how to kill and catch seals and whales so they could develop a good relationship between them and the Maori because they were dependent on Maori for food and...
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