The Effect of Common Household Drugs on Circulatory Function

Topics: Circulatory system, Hypothesis, Heart Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Household drugs are one of the many stimuli that can affect an individual physiological function. Such functions are the circulatory system. It is known that caffeine and Nicotine can cause a change physiological. It is known that caffeine can affect an individual ability to sleep, focus; it also can cause other symptoms such as rapid heart rate and trembles. Nicotine if ingestion can cause severe problems from dizziness, headaches to even death. The amount of intake can vary in the effect on an individual. An experiment was conducted to observe the affects of household drugs on pulsation rate. Since pulsation rate is such a simple physiological system it will be easier to observe a change. Lumbriculus variegatus (blackworms) were used to observe there pulsation rate. Blackworms were used do to absence of a respiratory system; they also rely on diffusion for gas exchange. Blackworms don’t have a heart there vessels are what moves the blood back in forward. Each open and closing is a pulse. In the first part of the experiment concentration of drugs were used (caffeine and nicotine). The nicotine and caffeine solution will have an affect on pulsation rate. Since it is already known to have other physiological affects. The alternative hypothesis is that the solutions will have no affect on pulsation rate.

The solutions had no affect on pulsation rate because of the negative change in rate of beats per minute (table 1.1). The alternative hypothesis is supported by the data found in the experiment sample. However there is an error due to the sample size is not large enough to apply to the population of blackworms. Overall there were no significant in the changes of pulsation rates that would conclude that the drugs had an affect. The graph’s 1.3 and 1.4 determine there was no affect on the pulsation rates.

In the second part of the experiment the amount of household drugs used were coffee, tea, and tobacco. Extracts of these drugs were used to see if there...

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