the education in Britain and China

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The Education in Britain and China
Education plays an important role all over the world. A highly developed nation depends on educated professionals and a skilled workforce. Education is an absolute necessity for economic and social development. UK and China, sharing different culture, have two typically different education systems. This essay pays more attention to the diversity of two education systems.Some similarities and differences can be found, which can be classified as the comparison in eastern and western education. Key Words: Education; Britain; China;

The education system of the UK is quite special and has an old history of evolution. It differs from that of China, but there are also some connections and differences between two countries. As for which one is better, it depends. Just as a coin has two sides, both are better than each other in some areas. Body:

1. Education System
Education is a vital concern throughout Britain. The Britain education system is divided into early years, primary education, secondary education and tertiary education. While in China the public education is run by the Ministry of Education. All citizens must attend school for at least nine years. The government provides free primary education and secondary education for the teenagers. And there is also pre-school education, higher education and other educations. 1 Pre- school Education

Up to age 5, children in Britain may have some pre-schooling in nursery schools, day care or play groups. The government has no obligation to provide such facilities, so many schools are private enterprise arrangement. The condition is similar in China. While the government also provides some financial support for parents in Britain, what we don’t have in China. 2 Primary School

In Britain, primary education is given for the students aging from 5 to 11. In this period, students learn to read and write. It is similar to the educational system in China. 3...
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