The Educated Imagination

Topics: Psychology, Consciousness, Mind Pages: 4 (1283 words) Published: February 21, 2013
There are many theories as to how exactly humans, as a race, gain knowledge and how they apply it. The question has been asked ever since the dawn of man and to this day no solid answer has come about, but many different theories have been made. A theory that can fall under this category is Frye’s theory as to whether or not an educated imagination will benefit us. Frye examines this theory through examining the three levels of the human mind. In terms of if an educated imagination would benefit the population and why we need it.

The reason why we need an educated imagination is to express our selves not only through ordinary conversation and preaching but also to express our imagination with, “… the literary language of poems and plays and novels”. Without the ability to transfer inner thoughts, ideas and overall imaginative premises onto paper, the rest of the world would be at a great loss not being able to experience the pure imaginative genius of those that take the time to transfer these ideas onto to paper for others to witness. Because People are gregarious by nature and therefore feel secure in groups. Unfortunate the majority of people are joining the group of the uneducated people tend to take the easy way out of most situations and when one does this the others follow. This is the safety of the mob, but it is one of the illusions of society many people fall into. Advertisers know this and try to lure you into buying their product by pandering to the basic human desires and with an uneducated imagination many people will be seduced by these advertisements and consequently bound by their gregarious nature tell there friends about it as well, this is influence, one the basic principals of mob rule. This is all junk food for the imagination and not what it is intended to do "The fundamental job of the imagination in ordinary life, then, is to produce, out of the society we have to live in, a vision of the society we want to live in." This...

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