The Early American History Notes

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American History Notes

* 1000-1200 AD … Cahokia community
* Part of the Woodland culture (Missisipian people)
* Pop. 10,000-20,000
* Gone by the time Europeans come to America
* Lived along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers
* Lived in houses
* Farmers
* Traders
* Largest civilization in US
* Moral Code
* Mound builders
The great serpant mound is theirs
* May have went extinct because of drought, locusts.. bad seasons, warring tribes, internal tribal warfare, natural disaster, disease

* Aztecs
* Mayans
* Incas
* Peru

* Migration routes from Asia to America
* Berengia land bridge (walk from Russia to Alaska)
* DNA proven
* America’s populated by this (last place to become populated) * Europeans come in 1500 by boat

CH. 2

* Columbus’s Transatlantic Voyage 1492
* Marco Polo
* Late 1200’s early 1300’s
* Walks to china and sets up trading
* Trade exists Europe, China/India, Middle east and Africa * The Vikings
* Have no significance of Columbus’s journey
* Economic Contemplation
* International trading going on
* Aggressive trade – Murcantolism
* Set economic pie
* Control more of the share of the pie
* Don’t grow more wealth, but control economic wealth * Encourages risky practices
* Warfare
* Risk taking
* Europe
* Spanish Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella
* Want more Economic control
* Intense religious conflicts
* Europe resents Mid east because they aren’t Catholic * Ferdinand and Isabella head of the Catholic Church * Want make Catholism the dominant religion *...
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