the dog house

Topics: New Mexico, Navajo people, Arizona Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Hassan Alsamiri
Mr. MateusiakEnglish class
October 9, 2014
The Importance Of Theme
In the story Navajo lessons, Celine and her brother Josh, go on a voyage to spend the summer in the Navajo reservation with their grandma. As soon as Celine got there she thought that it was going to be boring, throughout the story Celine gets more and more mature by realizing to care about others other than herself. In this story my theme is ‘’Coming To Age’’. At first, Celine thinks that she’s going to hate it there, so as soon as she got there she missed her friends and the city, thinking that it’s going to be boring. She also didn’t like it because she couldn’t understand the Navajo language, so all Celine did was listen to music. Celine does what she usually does. Until one day her grandma gets sick and Celine rushes for help (this shows that Celine is starting to care about others other than herself). Celine got there and didn’t know what to say until the words just blurt out of her (this kind of shows the universal theme of fate). After Celine realizes how important it is to care about others, she starts to care more. Like for example at the end she doesn’t really boast about her saving her grandmas life. She actually insists on the doctor to talk in Navajo, which doesn’t reflect in the beginning of the story when she didn’t like the Navajo language (this shows Coming Of Age). In conclusion, the theme of this story is Coming Of Age. This theme affects the way Celine acts because, Celine starts as regular careless girl who hates the Navajo reservation and ends up as a young responsible girl who loves the reservation. The theme proves that Celine has a change of heart, and she is Coming To Age.
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