The Disciplinary Problems Among High School Students

Topics: Education, Teacher, Personality psychology Pages: 11 (2244 words) Published: February 28, 2013
moral traits. On the other hand, professional qualities include traits related to the effective teaching and other qualities which have relationship with the acquisition of knowledge and managerial skills. How teachers and students successfully intermingle inside the classroom is determined largely by the teacher’s personality. The quality of interaction during the learning process shall be laid upon in the hands of the teachers. If there is a smooth, comfortable, free-flowing communication, and ease in the delivery of thoughts and idea between the teachers and students, this may lead to high academic performance of the students. The researcher being an elementary teacher in the respondent school is aware of her administrative role in coordinating and in keeping with the new trends of education as well as the activities of the organizational constituents. She is further aware of the need to undertake steps contributory to the improvement of the achievement and performance of the teachers and pupils and so with the upliftment of schools’ status. With the above-mentioned circumstances, the researcher became interested in associating the personality traits of the teachers with the academic performance of the students. The main objective of the study is to determine if there exists a relationship between the specified variables.

This study was also anchored in the value of sustainable education among the children as directed by the teachers. As we all know, education is a vital element in attaining sustainable development. Teachers are one of the many factors influencing the quality of education our students possess. These people who contribute much in the intellectual growth of the students will be the focus of the study.

Background of the Study
Nowadays, various factors that can aid in the development of the learner are accessible. The children are now exposed to different technologies. Most of the students in The Nazareth School belong to rich family. These children have all the equipment and technologies that can be utilized for learning such as computer and various reading materials. Nonetheless, the role of the teachers in the enhancement of the learner cannot be ignored. The ultimate end of education is the total development of the learner. Along with this view, the teacher as professional is directly responsible in providing the pupils much wider latitude for harnessing their maximum development in the educational arena. After careful and thorough analysis of the possible reasons behind the overwhelming condition in the academe, the researcher wanted to determine the impact of teachers’ inner aspect, which is their personality. She wanted to know if the personality of the teacher has a relationship to the academic performance of the students, whether the performance is poor or at its best.

Theoretical Framework
The following theories served as guide in the pursuit of this study. They have been relevant to the variables under investigation.

Conceptual Framework
The emphasis of the study was to determine the impact of teachers’ personality to the academic performance of Grade Four students in The Nazareth School in Lipa City. This involved the identification of the personality traits possessed by the teacher respondents with respect to physical, social and emotional, and moral traits. Moreover, the study identified the academic performance of the students according to their general point average in the previous quarterly grading. Outstanding academic performance is the result of many factors. But one important

aspect is the teacher. Most would agree that the teacher is responsible for what happens

in the classroom including both behavior and learning.
As conceptualized by the researcher, this study was intended to know if a relationship exists between the teachers’ personality and the academic performance of the students.

The figure below shows...
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