The Dinner Party

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The Dinner Party

“The Dinner Party” by Mona Gardner is a realistic fiction piece of writing about anyone, regardless of gender, having self-control. In India, a colonel official and his wife were having a dinner party with their guests- army officers, government attachés with their wives, and an American naturalist. Later a young girl argues that women don’t on chairs at the sight of a mouse anymore and have self-control, the colonel says that they still do jump on chairs and don’t have self-control. The American naturalist was watching the guests instead of taking part in the controversy. While he was observing, he noticed that the hostess was staring straight ahead with a bizarre expression. She also was clenching her muscles ever so slightly. While she was summoning a servant, the American sees the servant’s eyes widen as the hostess told the servant something. On the veranda, the servant, without anyone noticing except the American, put a bowl of milk there. The bowl of milk signals that there is a snake in the room. At first, the American thinks the snake is in the rafters, but they were bare. So, he predicted that the snake was under the table. To not frighten the guest or the snake, he told everyone to stay still for 5 minutes and to not move a muscle. When the American sees the cobra go for the milk, everyone screamed while he cautiously jumped up to slam the veranda doors shut. Mrs. Wynnes, the hostess, knew the snake was there because it crawled across her foot. After reading “The Dinner Party” by Mona Gardner, I learned that anyone, regardless of gender, can have self-control.
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