The difference in outlook for managers and leaders

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Case Studies in Leadership

Each student must respond to the following questions and statements. Be sure to respond to all parts of each item: (1½ to 2 double-spaced pages per question).

1. Describe the relationship between leadership and the other parts of management. How essential is leadership to the other components?
Leadership is one of the many assets a manger must possess. Most dictionaries suggest that they are similar by guiding and controlling a group of people to achieve a goal. In today’s world, leadership inspires others, management plans; leaders praise and managers find fault; leaders will ask questions and managers want to give directions. However, the two often ascribed to the leadership as well as to the manager. You must take care in distinguishing between the two concepts. In order to achieve this a manager must have organizing, leading, controlling and planning. In order to organize, manager must establish task and authority relationships. For leading, the manager must motivate, coordinate and energize the individual and groups in order to work together to achieve the goals. The manager must be controlling to establish accurate measuring and monitoring systems to evaluate the organization and must have a plan in order to choose appropriate goals and course of actions to meet the goals. Leadership is one of the important component of the directing function. You have to have formal authority to be more effective to be a leader. Often times when you lead small groups, it is not the manager who is the leader, most of the time it’s the subordinate member with the different skills who is the leader of the group. In most cases, when there are several leaders in a group, there is going to be conflict because of the different opinions. So when a manager sees change they feel there authority is tested. The leader must be loyal, because groups are more loyal to a leader then a manager. Because the leader takes on the responsibility of the group. The leader takes the blame when things are wrong, celebrate the achievements of their members and give credit when do. A leader is someone who people are willing to follow, where a manager is where the people must obey or they won’t have a job. Sometimes a manager is promoted to the position with little to no skills, where a leader may not have any organization skills but has a vision for unity. Managing and leading are two different ways of organizing people. Managers at all levels are responsible for following these functions in order to succeed.

2. How do a person's ethical/moral standards relate to his or her ability to be a leader? (1½ to 2 double-spaced pages)

How do a person’s ethical/moral standards relate to his or her ability is by their morals and character. Quote from, Character is that which reveals moral purpose, exposing the class of things a man choose and avoids. The person must be a leader that relates to morals and character which include integrity, dedication, humility and fairness. When you have these things you begin to develop trust. Trust is a critical factor within a leader, it can make you or break you. Personal integrity is also a critical feature to establish trust. Integrity tends to create a calm and secure atmosphere, when everyone is being treated fairly. Ethics and morals or integrity are the traits desire in a leader. But when a disagreement occurs these things are applied equally to the person. Leadership is what we do and ethics is how we go about doing it. The Bible directs each of us to be a leader not a follower. Yes there are limitations because God gives all of us different limitations. The Bible provides focus for this because each of us have different talents in our homes, on or jobs, and even in the community and churches. A good leader must draw upon strength which is...
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