The Difference Between the New and the Old World

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First of all, the term “Old World” is to define the world where people in the Bronze Age live. This “Old World” is the continents, which is now known as Africa, Europe, and Asia. People in the Old World had no idea about any other continents outside this “Old World.” However, some Europeans who were travelling found a new continent. Amerigo Vespucci then named it as the New World, which now is known as America. It makes a little bit clear why the Old World and the New World were separated for so long. First, it is because people in the Old World had no idea if there was something else outside Europe, Asia, and Africa. Second, in the New World there were a lot of languages that make them cannot communicate to each other. This happened because there were just a few large-scale movement of trade and war, which if there were, the New World would have fewer languages that would make them able to communicate to each other. Therefore, people in the New World could not really make a trade with the Old world because they could not communicate. And third, there were also a lot of useful animals and plants in the old world, which made them could live without too much problem about what to eat on the next day. Thus, I think they did not feel they needed to find another place (did not feel they needed to leave that area and find a new area, which is New World) to find plants and animals to eat.

The New World was separated from the Old World for so long. Like an old saying, “Everything happens for a reason,” means that everything that happens, especially problems and bad things, will have a reason and make us learn something so we can get better, this separation also led to something good for people in the New World. They learned to survive with the limitations they had. On those days, the New World, unlike the Old World, had no metals to cut woods, and do other things. Therefore, they came up with an ingenious idea. First, to make a boat or to hollow a canoe using iron...

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