The difference between the education system in China and America

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Xiaoming zhangRuby PerlmutterEnglish 1010
September 26, 2014
The difference between the education system in China and America Nowadays, since China becomes stronger than before as a world power, more and more people start to compare China to other capitalist countries such as Britain and America. One of the most popular topic for people to talk about is the difference between the education system in China and America. As a Chinese student who has studied in America for one year in university, I must say that the two education systems are absolutely not the same. Although the education in America is almost the best in the world, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing worthy in the Chinese education system. The education system in China is one of the most typical examples all over the world because of its unique education pattern and special relationship between teacher and students. Also, I think the education system in China is the real exist sample for “the Banking concept of education” from the article “The “Banking” Concept of Education” written by Freire. So let’s figure out the difference between Chinese education system and American’s. The article written by Freire talked about two main concepts of education in the world: one is the “Banking concept of education” (Freire, 216) and the other is the “problem-posing concept of education” (Freire, 222). The banking concept of education is that “the teacher issues communiqués and makes deposits which the students patiently receive, memorize and repeat” (Freire, 216) and this education pattern is really similar to the education system in China. In China, we don’t have choice about what we want to learn and what we don’t want to. We just need to remember everything from the class which our teachers want to teach us. Just like the Freire said in his book: “His task is to fill the students with the contents of his narration” (Freire, 216) and “it turns them into containers into receptacles to be filled by the...
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